Twice the impact when you speak – half the effort

 The Speech Outline Process twice the impact with half the effort – for 3 reasons:


1. You think more clearly about your ideas

When you jump straight into writing a script or creating slides, you don’t have a chance for big picture thinking. You are too close to the information to see it objectively.

The speech outline process helps you clear your mind of the details and define a compelling message – that your audience is more likely to remember (and pass on to others).

Seeing your ideas from your audiences’ perspective helps you sort and structure information to be more relevant and engaging.

With a vivid message and enticing structure, you’re more likely to generate support for your ideas and achieve your goals.


2. You feel prepared – in half the time

Some people think the Outline stage adds a step to the preparation. In fact, it saves time by eliminating wasted effort and frustration. Too many people finish their preparation with this thought:

“I’m out of time. This will have to do…”

So you make the presentation feeling unsure if it’s your best effort!

A vivid Speech Outline gives you a painless, step-by-step process to prepare a speech or presentation that allows you to see your presentation in a visual form. It directs your attention so efficiently, preparation time is reduced by 50-80 percent.

…which gives you more time (and mental space) to think of compelling delivery ideas.


3. You speak with more certainty

Now you feel in-control. Your mind is clearer, anxiety is reduced and you are free to communicate in a natural relaxed style.

The Outline acts as your solid foundation, helping you speak with greater clarity.


You can find the Speech Outline Process in my book “What’s Your Message?” from page 130 to page 137. To learn how to use the Speech Outline process buy the book at Amazon.



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