Download SpeechOutline PDF tool

Are you looking for a free tool for faster preparation of speeches and presentations?

Why not download this tool, it's an editable PDF template of the SpeechOutline process.

The SpeechOutline process walks you through:

  1. Crafting a compelling message your audience will remember.
  2. Structuring your ideas into chunks - so your talk is easy to follow.

I use this step-by-step process with every coaching client I work with, to help sort through the details and bring ideas to life.

How to use the SpeechOutline PDF:

  • You can print it out and complete it with pen.
  • Or you can open the PDF file and input text. Just 'tab' through each step. You can produce an unlimited number of outlines, by 'saving as'...

Here's a 72 second video walking you through the SpeechOutline process.

Speech Outline PDF


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