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Always be ready to persuade…

“Like a personal teleprompter”

“Very reassuring to have it by your side, instead of shuffling papers…”


VividOutline for iPhone ensures better business presentations, media interviews, speeches or informal (but important) conversations.

Allows you to access your list of Outlines (Speech Outlines, Presentation Outlines and Media Messages) anytime, anywhere.

  • Control nerves by being certain about your key messages.
  • Be ready to engage any audience – ALWAYS feel prepared.
  • Simply flick through your ‘slides’ one-by-one, or…
  • Go immediately to the section or message you need.
  • The built-in ‘Chunk’ structure keeps you on track.
  • Helps you be effortlessly more persuasive.
  • Built-in coaching video.
  • Progress indicator shows you where you are.
  • Have your notes handy at any time before or during a speech.
  • Follows the Vivid Method for Public Speaking, so you can relax and get on with it!


Has a Demo Account so you can test it, however, it’s designed to work hand-in-hand with your subscription at SpeechOutline.com.


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