Instructions for iPhone App.


First, create your speech Outlines at (See bottom of page for a refresher on how to do this).

Download the iPhone app.


The main screens on the iPhone app:


Step 1, open the iPhone app!

  • Type in your Username and Password.
  • Or simply use the ‘Demo Account’ which has 4 Outlines to play with.

Scroll through your List of Outlines (they are automatically downloaded from

Choose one by touching it on the iPhone screen.

This will take you to the ‘Overview‘ screen – giving you an overview of the sections of your presentation. Your presentation title is in the black box at the top.

Now simply ‘swipe‘ through the pages for the notes to progress through your presentation.

Your notes are arranged in the Chunk Structure to keep you on track.

Flick the screen to go through each page of your Outline from the

  1. Overview screen
  2. Detail screens
  3. Recap screen
  4. Message screen

 1. Overview screen:

2. Details screens:

3. Recap screen:

4. Finish on your message screen:

How to create Outlines at

  • Drag StickyNotes over the template. Type in your text. Click ‘save’ from the ‘file’ menu.
  • Your Outline will now automatically show up in your List of Outlines on the iPhone and iPad.

When creating Outlines, do a ‘SHIFT-RETURN’ to create a new line in your StickyNotes. Each ‘SHIFT-RETURN’ creates a new line on your iPhone pages (or a new bullet point in PowerPoint).



The Chunk Structure page of your Outline contains everything you need to deliver your talk, so the other pages (Message worksheet and Brainstorm Notes) are not downloaded to the iPhone.


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