How does the Speech Outline App work?

The Speech Outline App gives you certainty about your key points and how to get them across.

With Clarity First, all your efforts are focused and well directed – and the delivery of your talk is almost effortless.

The idea behind the Sticky-Notes


The Speech Outline App uses a Sticky-Note metaphor that’s similar to storyboarding in film/story development.

We found the combination of The Vivid Method and Sticky-Note model extremely helpful (after testing various models with around 10,000 people).





  • Sticky-Notes put a ‘box’ around your ideas which helps isolate and process them.
  • It highlights the developing structure of your presentation.
  • It makes it easier to group and review.
  • It draws attention to ideas that need elaboration.
  • The ‘chunk’ format allows your mind to comfortably manage more information.
  • Contrasting colors highlight key points and make them easier to remember.


Why should you care about a speech outline?

Firstly- The Speech Outline App helps organise your thoughts before you get bogged down in details – which helps you edit your full presentation incredibly quickly.

Secondly- It gives you a way of testing your ideas as you prepare.

A 1-minute rehearsal using your Outline can be as effective as a full rehearsal. (If you haven’t created an Outline to test your key points, you can’t be sure you’re ready for a real audience).



  • Before you spend hours (or days!) planning a talk
  • Before you choose images, charts, pictures
  • Before you create PowerPoint slides
  • Before you rehearse a presentation word for word

Spend 15 minutes on The Speech Outline App: Your research will be focused, your editing logical, slide creation faster, and image/chart selection easier.


Benefits of The Speech Outline App

The SpeechOutline App has been designed to be the most efficient and powerful available. Which means:

  • Preparation time is reduced by 50 to 80 percent because the Outline Creator directs your attention so efficiently
  • You’ll find it easier to decide on the best way to get the messages across
  • You’ll have more engaging presentations, speeches and important conversations

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