Download SpeechOutline PDF tool

Are you looking for a free tool for faster preparation of speeches and presentations? Why not download this tool, it’s an editable PDF template of the SpeechOutline process. The SpeechOutline process walks you through: Crafting a compelling message your audience will remember. Structuring your ideas into chunks – so your talk is easy to follow. I use […]

Create PowerPoint slides in 2 clicks!

  A 2-click method to transfer your Outline to PowerPoint. It can cut preparation time by 80 percent.

A Speech Outline in 15 mins

The SpeechOutline App is designed to help you prepare for a speech, presentation or important conversation in the least imaginable number of steps. You won’t believe how easy it is to refine compelling messages and an engaging structure.

Instructions for iPhone App.

  First, create your speech Outlines at (See bottom of page for a refresher on how to do this). Download the iPhone app.   The main screens on the iPhone app:   Step 1, open the iPhone app! Type in your Username and Password. Or simply use the ‘Demo Account’ which has 4 Outlines […]

Twice the impact when you speak – half the effort

 The Speech Outline Process twice the impact with half the effort – for 3 reasons:   1. You think more clearly about your ideas When you jump straight into writing a script or creating slides, you don’t have a chance for big picture thinking. You are too close to the information to see it objectively. […]

Speech outline for Steve Jobs Stanford commencement address

How does Steve Jobs plan a speech? The structure of Steve Jobs speeches varied depending on his goals for the communication event. But he always had 2 things: a clear take-home message and an engaging structure. Now, this speech tells an amazing story and shares unique life lessons, but it’s also a wonderful example of the […]

iPhone app

Always be ready to persuade… “Like a personal teleprompter” “Very reassuring to have it by your side, instead of shuffling papers…”   VividOutline for iPhone ensures better business presentations, media interviews, speeches or informal (but important) conversations. Allows you to access your list of Outlines (Speech Outlines, Presentation Outlines and Media Messages) anytime, anywhere. Control […]

How does the Speech Outline App work?

The Speech Outline App gives you certainty about your key points and how to get them across. With Clarity First, all your efforts are focused and well directed – and the delivery of your talk is almost effortless. The idea behind the Sticky-Notes   The Speech Outline App uses a Sticky-Note metaphor that’s similar to […]

What exactly is a Speech Outline?

We’re in the middle of a Communications Revolution. The focus has been on writing (web pages, blogs, social media). However, more and more, you’ve got to speak well. I don’t mean grammar and accent, I mean you need to communicate ideas in presentations, conferences, video meetings, and phone meetings etc.   Structuring your ideas is […]

Cloud based (no software to install)

You don’t need to download or install software. The application runs through a standard web browser via the internet (The Cloud) so, just log in and prepare for your next talk. Use your favorite Web Browser (Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox, Safari or Chrome).   Secure. Your data is SSL-protected. SSL is an encryption technology widely […]