A Speech Outline for Standup Comedy!

I recently used the Speech Outline Process to help a Coaching client develop a 5 minute Standup Comedy routine.

Amy Doering is releasing a book and wanted a unique way of getting book publicity and media promotion.

This only happens once (and she hasn’t been the same since!). Here’s Amy’s virgin standup appearance:

Even though her content is stories taken from her book, we used the same basic presentation structure that works so well for:

  • Conference speeches
  • Board presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Even TV presenter and radio DJ’s use it to stay on track.


Structure and Final Message at the End:

Most stand-up comedians (and most presenters) don’t have an ending, they just hope the last joke is the funniest and leave the stage.

But can you see how professional Amy looks as she wraps up her session – and how satisfying it sounds to the audience to have a message at the end.

Amy stood out from the other amateurs at this Open Mic night. The others sounded inept because they had no structure. The uncertainty in their voice around the start and the end was awkward and unprofessional – and felt unsatisfying for the audience.

This principle is true for business presentations as well. Nail the start and the end. And have structure to keep the middle from falling apart.


Here’s Amy discussing the Vivid Coaching Program that led to the great result.

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