How does the SpeechOutline Web App work?

A vivid Speech Outline gives you certainty about your key points and how to get them across.

With Clarity First, all your efforts are focused and well directed – and the delivery of your talk is almost effortless.


The idea behind the Sticky-Notes

The Vivid Outline uses a Sticky-Note metaphor that’s similar to storyboarding in film/story development.

We found the combination of The Vivid Method and Sticky-Note model extremely helpful (after testing various models with around 10,000 people).


  • Sticky-Notes put a ‘box’ around your ideas which helps isolate and process them.
  • It highlights the developing structure of your presentation.
  • It makes it easier to group and review.
  • It draws attention to ideas that need elaboration.
  • The ‘chunk’ format allows your mind to comfortably manage more information.
  • Contrasting colors highlight key points, and make them easier to remember.


Why should you care about a speech outline?

Firstly, a vivid Speech Outline helps organize your thoughts before you get bogged down in details – which helps you edit your full presentation incredibly quickly.

Secondly, it gives you a way of testing your ideas as you prepare.

A 1-minute rehearsal using your Outline can be as effective as a full rehearsal. (If you haven’t created an Outline to test your key points, you can’t be sure you’re ready for a real audience).



  • Before you spend hours (or days!) planning a talk…
  • Before you choose images, charts, pictures…
  • Before you create PowerPoint slides…
  • Before you rehearse a presentation word for word…

…spend 15 minutes on a vivid Speech Outline: your research will be focused, your editing logical, slide creation faster and image/chart selection easier.


Benefits of a Speech Outline

The vivid SpeechOutline has been designed to be the most efficient and powerful available. Which means:

  • Preparation time is reduced by 50 to 80 per cent because the Outline Creator directs your attention so efficiently
  • You’ll find it easier to decide on the best way to get the messages across
  • You’ll have more engaging presentations, speeches and important conversations
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