Frequently Asked Questions

What is

A set of online tools designed to help you prepare your Speech or Presentation quickly and effectively – including a VideoCoach to guide you through the planning process and give you guidelines and principles to be a more relaxed, persuasive communicator.


Who will benefit the most from

Individuals benefit by reducing preparation time, feeling more control when speaking and becoming more effective at connecting with audiences and getting messages across.

Organizations benefit in 3 ways:

1) The time savings (and therefore cost savings) mean improved productivity for everybody who makes business presentations.

2) A greater ability to manage messages to ensure that important branding themes are conveyed consistently.

3) is an important tool to help build a culture of clear and engaging communication, which helps reduce misunderstandings and leverages the knowledge and skills of everybody in the organization.


What common results are other clients seeing from using

Preparation time (and frustration) for important talks is reduced 50-80%. Wasted effort is reduced because a proven process helps focus people’s energy. Better presentations get more support for ideas.

Users can think clearly and more objectively and therefore make better decisions about messages and information structure.


Can I store ALL my Outlines in

YES! Storage is unlimited.


What is VideoCoach?

Anywhere, anytime coaching and reinforcement using video for instruction and training that mirror the time you would spend with a presentation consultant. Gives you direction, builds your skills and keeps you sharp.


What is included in my annual subscription?

See the Pricing page for a breakdown of Professional, Personal and Read Only subscription levels. Includes online hosting and regular system upgrades and maintenance.


How long will it take for my team to get up and running on

About 10 minutes!


Do I need to install software or plugins?

No. Simply login at through your web browser.


Where is my data stored and is it backed up?

Amazon AWS and EC2 servers. This is the same technology underpinning Your data is SSL-protected. SSL is an encryption technology used by banks and e-commerce Web sites. Access is controlled by you.

Data is backed up every second thanks to a real-time database replication.


What kind of help is available?

Learning-on-demand video is integrated throughout the application so that you can access help at anytime. A community forum is coming that will capture and make available questions/answers to common issues, tips and advise and getting the most out of the tools.

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