Persuasive Speaking tips video

Cam Barber has produced some 3-5 minute ‘Persuasive Speaking’ tips videos to help you speak more persuasively in both stand-up public speaking (like board presentations) and day-to-day business communication.   Scroll through the titles and see if there is a Persuasive Speaking episode helpful to you right now. We’ll be adding more videos on a regular […]

How to start a speech strongly

The most important thing when starting a speech or presentation is to make it clear to the audience where you are taking them.   Think about a typical person in your audience. Their mind is full of to-do lists and daydreams; and you walk on stage. They’ve sat through boring presentations in the past and wonder if […]

Instructions for iPhone App.

  First, create your speech Outlines at (See bottom of page for a refresher on how to do this). Download the iPhone app.     The main screens on the iPhone app:   Step 1, open the iPhone app! Type in your Username and Password. Or simply use the ‘Demo Account’ which has 4 […]

Presentation Anxiety (Part 2): Putting bad nerves to good use

You can choose to experience adrenaline as either energy or anxiety. Certainty of information (message) is the strongest foundation you can create. Focus on your message and become a natural presenter.   Do you choose fear or fun? Psychologist Stanley Schacter has conducted experiments on changing the way people label the physical symptoms of anxiety. […]

Instructions for iPad app

  First, create your Speech Outlines at (see bottom of page for a refresher on how to do this).   Type in your Username and Password Or simply use the ‘Demo Account’ which has 4 Outlines to play with.   Scroll through your List of Outlines (which were created at Choose one by […]

Presentation Anxiety (Part 1): Remove uncertainty and nerves evaporate!

Speaking in public can be an all-in-one fear. Anxiety is directly linked to the amount of uncertainty we feel. Deal with the cause (uncertainty), not the symptoms (nerves)!   Why do we get nervous? Anxiety can take many forms—feeling sick, a shaky voice, sleepless nights, dry mouth—but they all come from the same source. Anxiety […]

Speech outline for Steve Jobs Stanford commencement address

How does Steve Jobs plan a speech? The structure of Steve Jobs speeches varied depending on his goals for the communication event. But he always had 2 things; a clear take-home message and an engaging structure. Now, this speech tells an amazing story and shares unique life lessons, but it’s also a wonderful example of the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A set of online tools designed to help you prepare your Speech or Presentation quickly and effectively – including a VideoCoach to guide you through the planning process and give you guidelines and principles to be a more relaxed, persuasive communicator.   Who will benefit the most from Individuals benefit by […]

iPhone app

Always be ready to persuade… “Like a personal teleprompter” “Very reassuring to have it by your side, instead of shuffling papers…”   VividOutline for iPhone ensures better business presentations, media interviews, speeches or informal (but important) conversations. Allows you to access your list of Outlines (Speech Outlines, Presentation Outlines and Media Messages), anytime, anywhere. Control […]

How does the SpeechOutline Web App work?

A vivid Speech Outline gives you certainty about your key points and how to get them across. With Clarity First, all your efforts are focused and well directed – and the delivery of your talk is almost effortless.   The idea behind the Sticky-Notes The Vivid Outline uses a Sticky-Note metaphor that’s similar to storyboarding […]