Create PowerPoint slides in 2 clicks!

  A 2-click method to transfer your Outline to PowerPoint. Can cut preparation time by 80%.

A Speech Outline in 15 mins

The Outline Creator is designed to help you prepare for a speech, presentation or important conversation in the least imaginable number of steps. You won’t believe how easy it is to refine compelling messages and an engaging structure.

Twice the impact when you speak – half the effort

A Speech outline creates twice the impact with half the effort – for 3 reasons:   1. You think more clearly about your ideas When you jump straight into writing a script or creating slides, you don’t have a chance for big picture thinking. You are too close to the information to see it objectively. […]

Cloud based (no software to install)

You don’t need to download or install software. The application runs through a standard web browser via the internet (The Cloud) so just log in and prepare for your next talk . Use your favorite Web Browser (Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox, Safari, or Chrome).   Secure. Your data is SSL-protected. SSL is an encryption technology […]

Collaborate. From anywhere…

  For example, a manager spends just 10 minutes collaborating on an Outline to ensure key messages are clear. Click ‘save’, and everyone sees your changes immediately. Invite anyone to collaborate on your Outline as viewer or editor.

Message Management made easy

  Your list of Outlines is easily accessed from anywhere – smartphone, iPad, etc. Find what you want instantly with full text search. Print, email, share or export to PowerPoint in seconds.

A VideoCoach to guide you

  Integrated videos using the method a real presentation coach would show you. Including: Step-by-step creation of an Outline. The secret to control nerves and speak with certainty. A range of options to fully engage your audience. Simple techniques to build your skills.