How to end a speech. 6 ways to add impact

The universe has no end. Doesn’t that blow your mind a little? A lot? When you look up in the sky, it doesn’t end. Ever. This is difficult for humans to fathom. Our brain can’t process things that don’t end. It causes overwhelm, which shuts down our processing and recall faculties. This, however, creates a […]

Admit a negative point for persuasive speaking

Persuasive speaking techniques can be very simple. And effortlessly make a speech or  business presentation more engaging. Everybody has made mistakes, failed to achieve goals and been disappointed. So when you admit a negative, it creates a powerful connection with an audience. It also provides instant (temporary) credibility that sets up your persuasive point. Admitting a […]

Great Movie Speeches in 2 minutes

Movie speeches are a great opportunity see how much impact you can have in a short space of time. I watched ‘Fair Game‘ last night (with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts) which ended with a powerful movie speech. Powerful and short. In fact, the best movie speeches are only about 100 seconds. (The Gettysburg Address […]

The best leadership speech: Are you ready to lead?

Last week a client aggressively urged me to watch ‘the best leadership speech ever’. He’s a pretty good leader himself, with a world class creative team of over 100 people. I watched it this weekend and it’s pretty good. The video is long – 50 minutes – but here’s what you get: A unique piece of public […]

Persuasive Speaking tips video

Cam Barber has produced some 3-5 minute ‘Persuasive Speaking’ tips videos to help you speak more persuasively in both stand-up public speaking (like board presentations) and day-to-day business communication.   Scroll through the titles and see if there is a Persuasive Speaking episode helpful to you right now. We’ll be adding more videos on a regular […]

How to start a speech strongly

The most important thing when starting a speech or presentation is to make it clear to the audience where you are taking them.   Think about a typical person in your audience. Their mind is full of to-do lists and daydreams; and you walk on stage. They’ve sat through boring presentations in the past and wonder if […]

A Speech Outline for Standup Comedy!

I recently used the vivid Speech Outline format to help a Coaching client develop a 5 minute Standup Comedy routine. Amy Doering is releasing a book and wanted a unique way of getting book publicity and media promotion. This only happens once (and she hasn’t been the same since!). Here’s Amy’s virgin standup appearance: Even […]

Barriers to communication: “Not about winning”

I recently went to a school sports day for 6 to 10 year olds. The teacher introducing the event delivered the message ‘It’s not about winning, it’s about having fun‘.   Unfortunately it’s a lie.   This message is just not accurate. And it stifles everyone’s communication skills. Every kid would like to win. Every […]

The Daily Show: The power of Chunking

The July 28 episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart had author Peter Tomsen talking about his 900 page(!) book “The Wars of Afghanistan”. Throughout, he summarized his key points using elements of Chunk Theory – for example, the numbering of points before explaining them. In response to one question, he said “there are […]

Focus on the gaps, not just your words

I recently attended a conference where two of the speakers raced through their talk without pausing. It was so exhausting. And their ideas seemed less important with the speaker racing through them.   We all crave a START and/or an END: The human mind responds instinctively to the start or the end of anything so […]