Admit a negative point for persuasive speaking

Persuasive speaking techniques can be very simple. And effortlessly make a speech or  business presentation more engaging.

Everybody has made mistakes, failed to achieve goals and been disappointed. So when you admit a negative, it creates a powerful connection with an audience.

It also provides instant (temporary) credibility that sets up your persuasive point. Admitting a downside helps persuade people to believe your other claims.


For example, the statement:

“Let me tell you about my great success”

is not as powerful as:

“I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but one great success was…”


“This car is cheap and reliable”

is not as engaging as:

“This car may not be fast, but it sure is cheap and reliable.”


Examples in a business presentation:

  • ‘Our service is not very good at X, but if you want Y, we are the best you can get.’
  • ‘This project won’t do X but it will give us the answers to Y.’


You get the idea. Find a downside in your business presentation. Admit it; as a preface to the upside.

The human mind likes this negative-positive rhythm. It’s a simple tool for persuasive communication in general.

And it will make your next business presentation more engaging.


If you’d like to develop persuasive speaking skills, consider the speech outline generator.

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