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We’ve been teaching The Vivid Method for Public Speaking, to organizations like IBM, Google, 20th Century FOX, Fosters, Hawthorn Football Club, Bristol Myers Squib, PriceWaterhouseCoopers for many years.

The core method of preparing for a Presentation, Speech or Media appearance is to sort your ideas into a Speech Outline.

Working with thousands of people in more than 10 countries, we’ve seen:

Too many wasted opportunities as a result of vague communication;

That everybody can apply simple tools to dramatically improve their public speaking skills;

And that a good Speech Outline is the missing link that leverages the skills and knowledge.

So we created SpeechOutline.com to help you communicate with clarity and certainty.

The hard-copy vivid SpeechOutline has proven itself over 12 years. This online version is many times more effective.

This site gives you the tools to have an immediate impact on your ability to persuade and engage an audience. Public speaking doesn’t have to be difficult!

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.


Cam Barber

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